My dear brother! My faithful friend!
By all the faith of my heart I know that you did not find it easy to wait for the continuation of the prophetic visions from the hidden manna of our Lord Jesus Christ. The same applies fully to me, since I experienced suffering and oppression, which were condensed to an extent of agony and terrible nightmare. Sensing how much closer the Judgement has come for his detestable spirits, Satan fixed claws into my soul and by his scream tried to bring to horror all my and thoughts and emotions. However, just as it is impossible for the creation to become a Creator and for the Creator to become a creation, so it is not possible for one to find devilish resistance that will stop what God has planned and what His mouth has commanded. And what He has planned in this last prophetic book is namely this:
To appear the fearful Judgement at the end of time, when the old heaven and earth will pass away and disappear in fiery destruction and all the dead ones will gather before God’s Throne in order to be judged – everyone according to their deeds and according to the word written in the books.
Before I reveal to you the most moving visions, I have ever received by Jesus in my heart, I want to first talk with you a bit about that final Judgement. You see, my brother, when they hear of “Doomsday” and “Day of Judgement”, many people interpret these words falsely and think that they are meant to frighten them. Or in other words – that they should be careful about what they do and how they live, since there is the Day of Judgement… In fact – the Truth is much different and here I want to contemplate on this fact. I remember how ten years ago Jesus declared certain very clear and accurate words in the third part of the book “Chase the merchants away from the Temple”. These words said:
“Tell My brothers and My sisters to long for God’s accusation, for so the Father will cleanse them perfectly. Tell My brothers and My sisters that being exposed is not the scariest, for this is My judgement for justifying. The scariest is the lack of exposing, for this is My vessel for condemnation…”
So do you see, friend, that here, in relation to this Judgement, the hearts of men take two different paths. The ones, who long for God’s exposing words, accept to pass through Christ’s Judgement Seat in their lifetime, in order to be cleansed, redeemed and justified. However, there are certain other people, who would never want the secrets of their hearts to be appeared, for so they would lose their prestige, their honour and the respect they have created before mankind. Seeing the sharp tip of the Sword that is sent to pierce and expose them, they line their hearts with the concrete of deceitful pride and selfishness and so are ready to manoeuvre and sneak away in any manner possible just to avoid being targeted by any exposing or even more – judgement. Such ones regard the church anathema the most fearful guillotine possible that can cut their heads off. However, let me tell you here that it is not terrible for a church to expel you from God. It will simply set up a church declaration and will declare you a heretic, tempter, antichrist and all kinds of other titles that may come to its mind. Still, even anathematized, you continue to live in God’s presence, for or “in Him we live and move and exist…” Even anathematized, you still carry hope in your heart that even though there is no Mercy in men, there is in God. Even though there is no brotherly absolution in the churches, it flows out like a river in the pierced hands of the Saviour Jesus. At such a moment you are in pain and sorrow. You are a sinner in the eyes of the righteous Christianity. You are impure in the thoughts of the vainglorious elders, “juniors”, deacons, priests and so on.
This is all so, but you do have an essential advantage in your fate:
The secret deeds of your heart have become obvious, for which you bear the consequences, whatever they may be!
Even though for the churches you have already become a marked black sheep, you have forever escaped the judgement in the following words of the apostolic verse:
“…on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares…” (Romans 2:16) 
Why have you escaped the judgement in the words, written above?
Namely because you have been exposed, that is, the Sword has entered you and has illuminated your heart. But what is illuminated is no longer a secret, since it is appeared. Once it was illuminated, it was certainly forgiven, in order for this written word to come true:
“And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven…” (Matthew 12:31) 
So, there is still hope for you. However, see now how Jesus says that “blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven”. What is it then that distinguishes your forgiven sin from the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which cannot be forgiven? See the answer and remember it!
The fact that God forgives the disclosed sins and slanders of men, but will judge the hidden sins, which sooner or later become a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit!
Do you sense how we go deeper and deeper in this line of reasoning? Do you see that, if there are hidden sins somewhere, then they must have been born behind that forehead, on which it is written:
“A mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth…” (Revelation 17:5) 
Why is the mother of harlots a mystery?
Namely because she never desired to bring out in the open the secret sins of her heart! Then what should Jesus do? Should He keep looking at the secret sins of the vainglorious prostitute or should He instead disclose them?
Naturally, He will do the second.
How will He do that? – you may ask. I will ask you to recall that vision from the previous book, in which the Judge sent His prophet to summon everyone to pass through Christ’s Judgement Seat. It was then that Satan sent his false prophets. The Word of God’s prophet, that is, his Trumpet, called the people to pass through exposing, sanctification and redemption. On the contrary, the deception of the false prophets offered the people cheap glory, prosperity and church career. The ones, who desired to unveil the secrets of their hearts, passed through the Door of the Holy Spirit, in order to be cut, pierced and even punished, but in the end – redeemed. The others, who desired to preserve the secrets in their hearts, which were – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, passed through the deceitful devilish door. Here that I once again come to the notion of “the Day of Judgement”. Now, I will share with you the words, which Lord reminds me from the Gospel:
“I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One Who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him!” (Luke 12:4-5) 
When one fears somebody, they truly are fearful. This is how our God is Fearful, too. So that we may walk in fear and trepidation before Him and always keep His teaching and His ways. Then who are the people, who never fear God? Are not these the ones, whose spirits are darkened, that is, the ones, deceived by the devil? Is not this the reason why the last Judgement of God Father is so fearful? Here that words from the Holy Spirit are welling up in my heart. I will write them down, and you remember them:
The Day of Judgement is for all the people, who did not walk with fear and trepidation before God in their lifetime, but kept their hidden sins in their hearts and never disclosed them in a confession before Him!
In this way you understand now that it is not fearful to be anathematized, rejected and hated by the church vainglorious ones due to the sins of your flesh, since your sins have already been disclosed and you have received your punishment openly. What is truly fearful is becoming through your heart a part of the prostitute, called “Mystery, Babylon the great”. For her deeds hold neither fear from God, nor any thought for the fate, which awaits her, when she faces the Eternal Judge. That is why, till the very end of the old world and till the appearance of the man-Antichrist, the prostitute will keep repeating the very same words, which will represent the confession of her desecrated heart:
“I sit as a queen and I am not a widow, and will never see mourning…” (Revelation 18:7) 
I do not intend to find arguments for the sorrow that will befall the vainglorious harlot, at all. Instead, here and now, I want to remind you to stand reasonable and sober before God. As such a person, never again use the word “impunity”, but replace it with two other words – deferment and accumulation. Since the deferment of the punishment of the wicked ones stores up Anger for the Great Day of Judgement. And since the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is too Holy and Most High, far be it from Him to display His Anger chaotically and thump His fist anywhere His eyes see fit…. Nothing like that, my brother!
Will not the One, Who holds under Perfect control the atoms of the entire Universe and subjects them to the Will of His Heart and the commands of His Reason, be absolutely precise, when delivering His punishments? So if we really are waiting for the Day of God’s punishment of Evil that is revealed as the Day of Judgement, will not the divine arguments of Salvation and condemnation be placed before God’s Throne?
Of course, it will be so. That is why the servant of the Lord is writing this prophetic book. For God’s arguments can be found namely in the books, which stand before God’s Throne, according the written word:
“And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged from the things which were written in the books, according to their deeds…” (Revelation 20:12)
Now, my brother, notice that before the Book of Life other books get opened too – “and books were opened”. The time comes for the Book of Life to be opened only when these books are already opened. This is clear evidence that none of the people gathered before God’s Throne at that moment will be written down in the Book of Life, unless God has found a reason for that in the other opened books. In the same way none of those gathered before God’s Throne will be thrown in the lake of fire, unless the Judge finds a reason for their sentence in the opened books. I hardly need to convince you in the greatness of the secret of these books and by what resistance the devil faced my heart to prevent me from revealing them. In fact – since the moment Lord let me drink again from the Gold Jar with the hidden manna, I already had the knowledge about the secret of these books. One of them was disclosed to your heart in the previous book, where you understood that this is the book of the demonic confessions. Now, in order to completely accurately continue in the Spirit and the visions of this book, I will share with you the words, by which my Lord had once again come to my heart. Here is what Jesus told me:
“My servant! Confirm your heart, for you have reached the summit, as well as the end of your prophetic vocation and choosing. Through you I have given and said to My Church everything, I wanted to give and say as completeness out of My Heart. That is why the pressure upon your heart is so fearful and furious. For, now, you are walking the last metres of Zion’s race, and your head is adorned with the Crown of the untiring work for Me. In this book I will lead you to the very end of the old creation, to the end of all that is old and before the moment, at which My Father will say:
“Behold, I am making all things new!”
A privilege of this kind certainly deserves the quite heavy price of persecution and oppression, you are experiencing now. For namely that is the meaning in the service of a prophet of God – to be a pupil of the Lord, Whose sight stretches from the Beginning to the End. Now see what I will bring out of My mantle…”
After His last words Lord smiled at me and reached with His right hand into His mantle. From there He brought out the Gold Jar with the hidden manna. As He handed it to me, He spoke again, saying:
“Drink, My servant! Drink from the hidden manna and gladden My Heart! Drink from the depths of God’s mysterious wisdom and let your eyes be illuminated, so that you may see all the books before the Throne of the Eternal Judge…”
Excitedly, I stretched my hands to the Gold Jar. As I took it from the hand of Jesus, I lifted it to start drinking. Then once again Light spilled in my spirit and pierced and illuminated my entire heart and my whole mind. Here that Lord spoke to me in a really Holy and sincere Voice, telling me:
“Come with Me, My servant! For now we both will pass through centuries, times and an entire age, in order to stand before the Throne of God and Father, when the old creation has already been destroyed, and the lake of fire has inflamed its boiling waves in order to devour the entire generation of the wicked ones…”
After these words of Jesus, He took off His mantle and covered me with it. So my spirit felt incredibly overfilled by Lord’s presence. Then Lord also covered my head with the hood of His mantle, saying:
“Have Christ’s mind and Christ’s heart so that you may withstand all the visions that will be revealed before you…”
Here that I felt that I and Lord started flying. This was a very peculiar experience for me, since I felt my heart shift, as if to abandon my spirit, but my spirit caught up and followed. Not up or down, or left or right, but somehow ahead – into God’s Eternal Life. Somewhere below my feet fiery sparks blazed up and lightning flashed. Still I kept sensing Lord’s powerful and blessed hands holding my arms on their sides. We just flew ahead throughout the years of the Millennium till their very end. So a moment came, when everything under my feet grew quiet, and Jesus took His mantle and lifted it from me…
My brother! My faithful friend!
All the concepts and imagination, I had had about the Heavenly things, simply paled away in my heart the moment the fearful Judgement of Father Almighty was revealed before me. I saw a Great and Most Glorious Throne, which seemed suspended in the nothingness of space. Sidelong the Throne gold thrones of heavenly judges were placed. In the space before the Throne extended a vast ocean of human souls that expected their sentence from the Eternal Judge. This ocean extended as far as my eyes could see. Somewhere by its side I saw the lake of fire, incandescent and boiling much more than I could imagine. The very furious rumble of its waves moved the ocean of human souls to excitement and trepidation. So billions of shouts and shrieks of horror were transferred from soul to soul and from generation to generation. Here that Lord pointed at the Great and Most Glorious Throne and said to me:
“My servant! Let me now get you up to My Throne and show you your seat, for you are one of God’s judges. Then you will see the books, which the Judge will open, in order to judge the dead ones according to the word written in them…”
With awe and veneration, which flooded me from within and without, I caught Lord’s hand and followed Him. So we finally reached His Throne. My heart saw then the very books of the Judge. The first one was golden, and its pages glistened with the entire possible brilliance of Lord’s Holiness. While I was looking at it, Jesus spoke to me, saying:
“This is the Book of Life! All, who the Judge justifies according to the word, written in the other books, will be written down in it. But do take a look at the six remaining books. For three of them stand on the left of the Book of Life, and three of them stand on the right…”
I took another look and saw the very books. While the ones on the left were dark and seemed sinister, the three books on the right were bright and the rays of their light extended to the covers of the Book of Life. Observing all this, I powerfully squeezed the hand of my Lord, saying:
“Oh, Jesus! So many words of Yours now come to life in my heart and move it to excessive excitement. I remember Your proverb about the sheep and the goats, when the King said to the sheep on His right side:
“Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit My Kingdom!”
And then He said to the goats on His left:
“Depart from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels!”
I also remember the Menorah, You showed to me years ago in “The eternal marks of the Renewing”. Here that now the Book of Life resembles namely a Candlestick. However, the three books its one side serve for Salvations, while the three books on the other side – for condemnation…”
“That is namely so, My servant! You have perceived the things, I am showing you, correctly. But let Me now show you the seat the Eternal Judge has set for you. So that you sit on it and start experiencing visions with each of the seven books, starting with the Book of Life, passing through the three bright books on the right and then going on with the three dark books on the left…”
After His last words Lord smiled and with His hand pointed ahead to the throne, I had to sit on. Feeling inner embarrassment, I spoke to Him, saying:
“Oh, my Holy Lord! Your servant does not deserve to kiss even the tip of Your mantle! How can You give me now the privilege of standing with You in this Judgement of Yours?”
Listening to my words, Jesus laughed, and then hugged me, saying:
“And will you not be one of My judges throughout the Millennium? Are you not one of My Judges, who, in the time of the perishing world and before My coming, condemned the sins in the churches and exposed the abomination that causes desolation? Are you not the only servant, to whom the Eternal Judge gave visions from three court cases? Are you not the chosen and selected one, who received visions with the chain and the sentence of Satan, as well as visions with the crushing and the burning of the scrolls of satanic wickedness?
Do not ask Me at all who you are and whether you deserve your fate from Me. For Lord, Who is Alpha and Omega, has commanded your life to be an omen and portent against the generation of the wicked ones, as well as Father’s last blessing for the generation of the righteous ones.
Now sit on the throne, I am showing you, for the Eternal Judge will certainly let you open the seven books of His fearful Judgement and touch the names in them through the diamond nib of His Faithfulness and Veracity!
Blessed and Holy are God’s children, who have the hearts and the faith to drink from the hidden manna, as you drink from it now! They will certainly be called a generation of the ones blessed by Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!
Accursed forever are the devilish children, who have the mouths to swear and the hearts to augur ill, but lack the jealousy and the humbleness to repent!
I, the Eternal Judge of the living and the dead, speak now through one of My judges and through the prophet of Zion! Listen to Me in order to live and be redeemed and justified in your lifetime!”

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